I have two sides to my personality. One side is super happy, colorful, and upbeat while the other is dark, brooding, and bizarre. I’m a Libra, maybe that has something to do with it (don’t get me started on astrology – I know just enough to get myself in trouble). I don’t know. All I know is there’s a side of me that loves a little glam goth, and right now, all I want more than anything is to sport some crazy-thick black eyeliner, a bright red pout, and to wrap myself in black and gray. Yesterday I wanted to wear something fun and punchy … but today, no go. I confuse myself more often than not.

Btw – in case you’re interested in what the other half of me is like – here’s my other blog.

glitter eyes outlined eye

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military & lace.

I’m getting frustrated. I can’t seem to find any military-ish jackets anywhere in town! I know I should just go online and get one, but I’m an IGG (instant gratification girl) and want it now! Ugh.

I’ve been perusing the local boutiques and dept. stores, hoping to revamp my wardrobe a little before spring officially starts, but I’ve been so disappointed with the selections, I’ve left many empty-handed! Not to complain or anything, I just think summer needs to hurry up and get here so fashion can finally crawl out of this painful transition period known as the end of winter.

I would ideally like to pair a military-style jacket with a lace top and some cutie-pie shorty shorts. I’ve already mentioned, here, how much I love wedge sneakers, so I threw them into the mix as well! I think it’s a fun combo, don’t you? Perfect for spring/summer street style!