pleasant surprise.

I have a very special occasion coming up at the end of this next week and I needed a dress that would be cute, fun, and summery without being super expensive or overly formal. I went to all of my usual places and had no luck whatsoever. As I was about to give up and do some shoe shopping instead, I happened upon Abercrombie. I can’t tell you the last time I’d been in that store … I’d smelled it plenty of times, that’s for sure, it’s cologne creeps down the halls of the mall like a stalker, but I hadn’t been in that store in at least 10 years, I swear. So as I walked by, something caught my eye (surprising considering the low light levels in that place). What I found among the teeny-weeny shorty shorts and brightly colored polo shirts took me by surprise …

All of these surprisingly adorable dresses were totally affordable as well – what a pleasant surprise! I left with a smile on my face and a really nice dress (that actually fit!) at a more-than-acceptable price. I even had some money left over to buy some shoes. With so many similar but fun dress options, can you guess which one I picked?