I’m having a momentary anxiety attack.

While perusing blogs, it dawned on me that the people writing them are very passionate about their subjects.

This gave me pause; it made me stop and wonder aloud, “What am I passionate about?”

Anxiety ensued.

I’ve been having some trouble writing my blog posts lately and I can’t seem to figure out why. I’m super enthusiastic about blogging, I love to write, and I really want to make it something fun, but I can’t seem to get everything, namely my brain, up and running.

I used to write regularly in a journal, but all of my rants seemed to be geared toward dreams, philosophy, astrology, personal growth, and peculiarly entertaining things.

The main thought behind me blogging is sharing these things, these little capsules of life, with like-minded individuals, or individuals entertained by mildly bizarre content.

THAT’S my passion – that’s what I revel in … the mysterious, curious, and abstract. Are there others out there that enjoy such things? I know you’re out there somewhere …