newsflash: life is life-threatening.

I just watched a segment on the Today Show this morning about teenage girls getting terrible concussions from playing soccer. They were debating whether or not the risks outweighed the benefits of the game.

They also had one on about the risks of sun exposure and tanning, you know, skin cancer.

This afternoon, one of my coworkers sent me an email about amoebas in lakes and how they can cause a life-threatening illness.

Smoking can cause lung cancer – did you know?

You and I know better than a lot of people about the fragility of life – I mean, for f’s sake, Brianna smoked, drank, tanned, swam in lakes, and did who knows what else, and look how she died! Car accident – and not even her fault! Brianna was no saint but she was a damn good person. I mean, even saints die, right? Aren’t we all given a terminal illness when we’re born? Isn’t it called LIFE?

Do I sound heartless? I don’t mean to. I feel for everyone who is suffering because of this thing called life; I truly do.

I’m not going to take any “unnecessary risks” but I’m also not going to live in fear of dying.

That’s all I really wanted to say.

Just wanted to share my rant with you. Hope your day is going well!

Love to you and all who read my silly rants 🙂