tolerable tuesdays.

Not a big fan of Tuesdays. Tuesdays just get to me. I’ve decided to cheer myself up with some El Basha (delish Mediterranean food) and wash it down with some red wine. This seems to make today more tolerable. Tolerable Tuesday. Maybe that’ll be my new thing – self soothing every Tuesday. I feel like everyone needs a day like that – a day where you don’t pressure yourself into doing anything. I mean, I still went to work today and ran some errands afterward, but I’m not doing anything other than veg tonight.  Normally I put so much pressure on myself to be doing something all.the.time. I know you do this, too, ESE. Anyone else out there a busy body? Anyone have something special they do (or don’t do) on days that require a bit more nothing and a little less something? lol. I don’t even know if that made sense. Anyway, would love to hear about ways you relax on your version of tolerable Tuesday. Do tell 🙂