fellow stranger.

Just had an interesting moment with the checkout girl at Walgreens. I asked her about a tattoo she had on her arm that read “synthetic sensation,” and a very honest moment followed. First she laughed and told me she got the tattoo when she was 18. I wanted to know more, so I asked her what it meant – which, if you have a tattoo, you know can be a rather personal question. She responded by asking me if I had ever been somewhere so dark and lonely that I thought I might never get out. I smiled weakly. I did/do know what that’s like. I told her so and showed her a few of the tattoos on my wrists – including one that reads “suffer well.” She smiled and replied, “well, at least someone understands.” My heart felt simultaneously heavy and happy. To feel like you are understood, if only for a second, can breathe an extra bit of life into the rest of your day. Thought it was a cool moment to have with a fellow stranger. Hearts to her.