saturday night fever.

Been out and about tonight to a few different places. Stopped at J.Coco for dinner with Brian and Lauren – always good to see Lauren. We started with a few drinks while waiting for a table and did some people watching. After we landed a table, we started with a few more drinks and the chili-coated calamari – which was delish – so delish, in fact, we ordered a second serving. Lauren and I both ended up going with different versions of the white fish of the evening – red snapper – as our main course, and Brian ended up with the waygu steak and frites; no surprises there. Sides were mac ‘n cheese, garlic creamed spinach, and tempura asparagus, all of which were fantastic. Really enjoyed the ambiance, the company, and the food. Would go back for sure. Just wish they took reservations, but that’s okay. Brian and I trekked on to Brix after for a few glasses of wine and a martini (I LOVE martinis). Ended up coming home early to relax and kick back. Hope everyone is having a super-awesome night! ❤ xoxo