goodie good friday

Started the night off with a happy hour (or two) at the Homy Inn. If you’ve never been, they have champers on tap and that’s all you really need to know. Super fun hanging with the gang, listening to some 90s music, and having a few beers. After the Homy we wandered over to C + K’s place to pick up a car and make our way over to Benson. Was such a lovely night, the moon was full and super bright – so pretty! So we all piled in the car and made the short trip to Benson where we put our name in at Lot 2 and proceeded to go wait at Jake’s across the street. Had a couple of strong ones there before heading back over to Lot 2 for some amazing grub. Cate and I split a meat and cheese platter – which was awesome – and drank some fantastic concoctions. I totally devoured my carnitas grilled cheese, but left enough to share with all my buds so they could partake in the yumminess as well. All in all, so delish! If I would have been thinking, I would have taken some before shots of the food but, thanks to the alcohol swimming in my system, I totally forgot and only captured the aftermath 🙂 Got a couple pretty shots of the delicious drinks, though, and some fun pics to share.