localmotive eats.

Localmotive stopped by Hayneedle today over the lunch hour. Such a great little truck of delicious delights! I don’t really know if they were expecting so many Hayneedlers to be out shuffling about in the parking lot like kids at an ice cream truck, but there we were. Cate and I got out there early enough to have our choice of goodies (they later ran out of fries – ouch!). I decided on the pulled chicken sandwich (although the egg rounders were soundin’ pretty tempting as well), and Cate went with the reuben rounders. We split some fries. They came in a cute little bag with a yummy mayo dipping sauce – reminded me of Europe. Anyhow, everything was delish and I ate enough to bring on a pretty decent food coma within the hour. The diet Pepsi I chugged while waiting the 5 short minutes it took to get my grub helped only a smidge. All in all, I’d track down this truck again for sure. Maybe we can check it out when you come to VISIT … ?! Hint, hint, wink, wink.



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