spring or summer – you decide.

It’s been like 80 degrees here the past week or so. Has it always been this hot in March? Do you remember? Brian and I just had Lanoha come out and fix up the backyard, so it’s starting to look a little better – less overrun – than it did. Mika thinks it’s pretty fun to tear around through the mulch, to my dismay, but what can you do? She’s sweet (sometimes). I just waved at her from the patio; she’s watching me sit here, wondering what the heck I’m doing in my pajamas outside at 5:30 in the afternoon. Eh, you know. Anyway – this is our first post! Woot! Hope the day is going well and that that crazy city of yours is treating you right. Say hi to foxc for me 😉

Btw – I took this picture of the tulip in our backyard! So vibrant, yeah?! I expect cooler pictures from you and that dirty, interesting city of yours! 😉 LOVE to you always … xoxo



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