girl with the dragon tattoo.

Just watched the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the other night. It scared the bejeesus out of me, but I loved it all the same. Was directed by David Fincher, same guy who directed Fight Club and Seven. He holds strong to his dark, dilapidated environments and lovable yet disturbed characters. It’s really an awesome flick if you can make it past all the sexual violence – and violence in general. I think Rooney Mara did a kick-ass job of playing Lisbeth Salander. I really feel like I need to read the books now, even though it took me a good 45 mins to get to sleep after watching it. Still, I think it’s worth it.


4 thoughts on “girl with the dragon tattoo.

  1. I almost always like a book better than I like a movie of it, but this is one of the rare exceptions. The books were quite tedious after a while. The movie necessarily cut out a lot of the extra junk I think (or hope) would have been edited out had Larsson been around to properly publish them himself.

    • actually…i found the 3rd book super tedious…but the first two i liked! (the violence is just as scary in the book. i think it got to me on a super deep level which is why i have not seen the movie….yet)

      • I have a feeling that the books will spook me out completely! But isn’t that a telltale sign of a well-written book?! I have a feeling we will feel similarly about both the books and the movie … 🙂


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